On Natural Law in St. Thomas Aquinas

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Javier Fattah


This paper aims to demonstrate some of the central elements of natural law in the light of the thought of St. Thomas. In asserting the existence of a natural law, our author tends to establish distinctions in the way it operates in created beings, with a substantial difference being the distinction between rational and irrational beings. Inevitably, the natural law brings practical consequences, in the sense that it usually derives in ethical norms, thus it is possible to consider that the natural law has some practical orientation. However, we should note that in the particular case of man, despite being subject to these orientations, he has the possibility of denying his inclinations due to both his rational nature and his freedom. Nonetheless, to deny the natural law would lead him to act against his own nature.


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Fattah, J. (2023). On Natural Law in St. Thomas Aquinas. Revista De Filosofia UCSC, 22(1), 117–132. https://doi.org/10.21703/2735-6353.2023.22.1.2060
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Javier Fattah, Universidad Católica del Maule

Bachelor of Philosophy from the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Master's degree in Ethics and Citizenship Education from the niversidad Católica del Maule. Currently pursuing a Doctoral program in Philosophy, Religion, and Contemporary Thought at the niversidad Católica del Maule.



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