Claudio Clemente and Beheaded Machiavellianism: A critique of the State of The Prince




Maquiavelli, Claudio Clemente, State, Spain, 17th century


The main intention of this work is to provide a broad description of the Jesuit father Claudio Clemente´s work: Beheaded Machiavellianism by the Christian Wisdom of Spain and Asturias. In that regard, and to achieve a better understanding of the text, we will provide a brief introduction to the discussion in which the work is framed. From there, we will address the theological implications about the State deployed in The Prince, and how Father Claudio Clemente responds to it.


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Author Biography

Simón Abdala Meneses, Gabriela Mistral University

Master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Los Andes and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Los Andes. Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Political Law in undergraduate studies, and Instructor of Research Epistemology in a Master's course. Email:


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