Faith and Society: Theological evaluation of modernity and enlightenment in Joseph Ratzinger




Ratzinger, modernity, enlightenment, faith and reason


Christianity was at odds with modernity and enlightenment for centuries. In the 20th century Catholic theology sought a reconciliation, which bore fruit at Vatican II. Here we study Ratzinger's views on the relationship of Christianity to modernity and enlightenment. In this respect we establish three stages in his academic career: 1º) from 1951 to 1967 he lays the theological foundations, but does not address the question thematically; 2º) from 1967 onwards he establishes that Christianity can and must take up the substantial claims of modernity and enlightenment, since they belong to the essence of the Christian faith; at the same time he strongly criticises some concrete aspects of one and the other; 3º) from 1990 onwards he gives further depth to the thesis on the substantial acceptance of enlightenment. Ratzinger's main contribution is the following: the role of reason in faith (which is a central aspect of his theology) leads to the concord of Christianity with the intellectual reviews of the Enlightenment; reason and faith purify and illuminate each other. Here we focus on the acceptance, and at the end we will present the criticisms more briefly.


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Author Biography

Carlos Soler, Universidad Internacional De La Rioja

Doctor en Derecho y en Derecho canónico. Graduado en Teología. Profesor titular acreditado por ANECA. Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, España. Miembro del Grupo de Investigación Cultura, Religión y Derechos Humanos [CRDH-01 UNIR]. Desde 1986 ha ejercido labor docente e investigadora en Teología sistemática y, dentro del Derecho canónico, en relaciones fe-política.


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